haruno sushi roll Explanation



Cucumber roll

 __Cucumber inside simply wrapped by seaweed outside. __  


Salmon skin roll

__Deep fried salmon skin, cucumber, green onions wrapped by seaweed. __


Tuna roll

__ Fresh raw tuna inside wrapped by seaweed out side. __



Spicy Tuna roll

__ Fresh raw tuna, green onions, cucumber wrapped by seaweed and put the hot sauce on the top. __  


California roll

__No. 1 roll in the U.S. Avocado, Crabstick & cucumber inside and masago all around side. __  


Cucumber & Eel roll

__Cucumber and cooked eel wrapped by seaweed. __  


Shrimp Tempura roll  

__Deep fried shrimp tempura, tamago, and cucumber inside.__


Haruno roll  

__Itís a house roll. Three pieces of tuna and avocado on the top of the California roll. __ 



Eel Combo roll  

__ It just great! California roll topped with 5 pieces of freshwater eel. __ 


Yellow tail roll

__ Yellowtail, green onions and cucumber inside. __


Rainbow roll

__7 pieces of raw fishes with rainbow color on the top of the California roll. __


Soft Shell Crab roll  

__ Soft shell crab, crab stick, egg, masago, cucumber wrapped by seaweed outside. __ 



__ Japanese vegetables, crabstick, egg, spinach wrapped by seaweed outside. __  


Pilly roll  

__ Salmon, cucumber, egg, green onions, avocado, pilly cheese inside.Seaweed outside. __


TNT roll  

__ Green muscle, masago, crabstick, green onion and special sauce mixed and grilled. __


Crazy roll

-Everything inside, such as tuna, eel, crab, egg, cucumber, green onion, some vegetables & smelt egg spread every where. Taste is great._


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